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Jill Soloway worked as a producer on Six Feet Under, and the Transparent creator says the beloved HBO series has a lot of similarities to her current Amazon hit.

“I think about Transparent in relationship to Six Feet Under. Because Six Feet Under was about this family finding out who they were in relationship to their legacy around death, and dad died in the first five minutes,” Soloway told EW editor Henry Goldblatt during Friday’s The Editors Hour show on Entertainment Weekly Radio. “And similarly, Transparent is about a family finding out who they are in relationship to their legacy around gender or sex, and mom is born in the first five minutes.”

Six Feet Under memorably took its death motif all the way to the end, showing how each of the series main characters died. So, Soloway wondered, what would the equivalent ending look like on Transparent? “Everyone would need to transition in the last episode,” she joked. “I think I can work towards that.”

Transparent season 2 debuts on Dec. 11 via Amazon. The show’s third season will begin production in February. Listen below for more from Soloway on Transparent and trans representation in Hollywood.

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