Emily Browning worked closely with two intimidating costars in the new gangster film Legend: Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy.

Known for his work in The Dark Knight Rises and Mad Max: Fury Road, Hardy does double duty this time around as Ronnie and Reggie Kray, the swaggering twin brothers who made their mark on the underworld of 1960s London.

In a video interview at the recent Toronto International Film Festival, Browning — who plays Frances Shea, Reggie’s wife — spoke to EW about what it was like working with Hardy in his dual role.

“I think it was definitely a challenge technically to film Tom as both of these characters, and I’m sure it was a massive challenge for him to get into that headspace of two different people,” Browning said. “But for me, at least logistically, it really wasn’t a challenge at all, and I think that’s a testament to what an amazing job Tom did playing both of these characters. … It was honestly like working with two different actors.”

For more from Browning, including her thoughts on the “voyeuristic” thrills of gangster movies, watch the video above.

Legend is in theaters today.

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