By Christopher Rosen
November 20, 2015 at 01:20 PM EST
Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

Earlier this week, Louisiana governor Bobby Jindal suspended his presidential campaign. “The reality though is, they told me as a young child, Americans can do anything. I believed them then, I believe them now. But you know, this is not my time. I’ve come to the realization this is not my time,” Jindal told Fox News in announcing the decision.

And while Jindal didn’t appear on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon as part of his goodbye tour, his impersonator, Aziz Ansari, did show up on Thursday night to check in following the suspension. Ansari’s Jindal was thrilled to be back on the show after appearing in early November. “This is crazy. I’ve never been invited back to a TV show before. Usually it’s, ‘See ya, Bobby! Have a nice life!'” he said.

As Ansari’s Jindal explained to Fallon, he wasn’t stopping his campaign, but merely suspending it like Han Solo in Carbonite, ready to be thawed out for 2020.

“In fact, that’s my new campaign slogan. Jindal 2020: Thaw it out!” Ansari’s Jindal said.

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As for what the future holds for Ansari’s take on the former 2016 candidate, perhaps a show on Fox News (“BJ’s Across America“) and some “high-concept” nude oil paintings.

“It’s me, riding an eagle, straight to the White House,” Ansari’s Jindal said proudly while holding the painting seen in the image above.

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