We can all finally stop holding our breath: 25, Adele’s third studio album, is here, after four years of silence from the singer. (And it was worth the wait, according to our review.) So everyone set aside some time to lie in bed alone and stare at the ceiling while you listen, weeping to yourself as you contemplate the betrayal you’ve suffered and the love you’ve lost.

But wait! Adele insists that 21 was her breakup record and 25 is “a make-up record,” so does that mean no lying bed alone, no staring at the ceiling, no weeping to yourself, etc.?

Unfortunately, no. While 25 doesn’t come from the same place of raw emotion and despair that made 21 such a smash, there’s no shortage of heartache in her more recent poetry; it leans more toward regretful, reflective melancholy than utter heartbreak.

We’ve gathered the 15 saddest lyrics from the album, so keep your schedule clear for that crying-in-bed-alone session — here are the lines that will get the tears flowing.

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