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The Pfeffermans are back and as dysfunctional as ever in the first full-length trailer for season 2 of the Emmy-winning series Transparent.

Our first little glimpse told us that we can expect a wedding when the Amazon series premieres its second season on Dec. 11, and a new trailer exclusive to People and EW tells us so much more about what to expect. The highlights of the 2-minute trailer include Maura contemplating sex reassignment surgery, an enraged Tammy screaming “You’re all monsters” at the Pfeffermans, Maura being told that she shouldn’t tell her mother about her new lifestyle, and an adorable little scene of fellow trans women Shea and Davina trying to teach Maura how to perfect her “yas queen.”

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Much like the show itself, the trailer manages to perfectly balance heartbreaking drama (Tammy’s outburst) and light, fun comedy (Shelly responds “That’s a tad dramatic” to Tammy’s accusation). While the tonal elements may remain similar to season 1, it appears this new season will shift from intrafamilial conflicts as they came to accept Maura to more interpersonal conflicts between the family and those outside the Pfefferman clan. Sarah appears to be having issues with both Tammy and Len, Josh is working on his relationship with Rabbi Raquel, Ali appaers to be enrolled in college studying astronomy, and it looks like Maura’s major conflict will be coming out to her mother.

Season 2 of Transparent will be available to stream on Amazon Prime Friday, Dec. 11.

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