By Shirley Li
November 19, 2015 at 02:35 PM EST

Stephen Colbert bid goodbye to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, who withdrew from the presidential race this week, with another edition of ‘The Hungry For Power Games.’

With a crowded field of Republican candidates, Colbert has been “honoring” each of the “fallen” with a modified take on The Hunger Games, because “politics is a bloodsport.” Donning a blue wig and sipping (and spitting into) a mystery drink, Colbert assembles the tributes and then remembers the failed campaigns. For Jindal, who never polled into single digits, Colbert decided to poke fun at how the campaign had been doomed from the beginning after beginning with an announcement video that featured Jindal talking from behind a tree branch.

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“This is the closest he’ll ever get to the executive branch,” Colbert quipped. “You may be gone, but we will always remember … I’m sorry, I’ve already forgotten.” 

Watch the clip above.

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