Play or do not play. There is no trying to avoid more 'Battlefront.'

In a statement that will come as little shock to players of one of the year’s most anticipated games, EA apparently has more Star Wars Battlefront planned for the future.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, speaking at the UBS Global Technology Conference, said the company’s “goal is to makefuture Battlefront games,” in addition to other Star Wars-related titles. Given the fervor surrounding both the game and the return of the franchise to the big screen with The Force Awakens, it’s no surprise EA has big plans for a galaxy far, far away in interactive form.

“The beauty of theStar Wars franchise is it’s almost unlimited in what you can do with it. We know Disney has done a great job with other franchises and we believe they’ll do the same with Star Wars over time in delivering new worlds, new characters, new vehicles, all the things that make great video games,” Jorgensen said.

EA has a decade-long licensing term with Disney to make Star Wars games for consoles and PCs, which includes the Star Wars universe as built up to this point, as well as the upcoming films, books, and shows in the universe’s canon. EA will not be looking to make games that directly tie-in and retell the stories of these upcoming films, however.

“Our goal is not to make video games directly about the movies, it’s to use the IP in the movie to make great, exciting games,” Jorgensen said.

One such non-Battlefront title is currently being developed by EA’s Visceral Games and Uncharted 2‘s Amy Hennig, who joined the team after leaving Naughty Dog.

Battlefront isn’t the only game to feature the Star Wars universe this year. Disney Interactive’s own Disney Infinity 3.0 featured new playable characters, items, and worlds from the Star Wars universe, including an upcoming playset centered around The Force Awakens. Battlefront will also see a tie-in to the new film with the “Battle of Jakku” downloadable content coming later this year.

Battlefront‘s primary focus is on the first trilogy of films, so there are many more locations, characters, and vehicles to mine for content in upcoming DLC or future iterations, which, while it was easy to assume more titles would be on the way, are now clearly a foregone conclusion.

For more from Jorgensen, read GameSpot’s full report. And for more on Battlefront, read our initial impressions of the game.

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