The comedy arrives on Netflix Dec. 1

By Ariana Bacle
Updated November 19, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST

Real Rob

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Rob Schneider’s ¡Rob! brought in solid ratings when it debuted in 2012, but not enough for CBS: The network canceled it after eight episodes. The numbers the sitcom brought in were enough for Schneider, however, so he decided to write a new show that would later go on to become a series streaming on Netflix titled Real Rob, for which you can see the exclusive trailer above.

In Real Rob, Schneider plays a version of himself, and even cast his real-life wife — TV producer Patricia Schneider — to play his fictional counterpart’s spouse. New to acting, Rob spent three months teaching her the craft the way he learned it from Roy London in the ’80s. They also wrote the series together along with costar Jamie Lissow — well, sometimes.

“My wife and I can’t write together,” Rob tells EW of spending one-on-one time with Patricia. “She has a particular way of looking at things, as do I. We butt heads over things. When there’s a third person there, it kind of neutralizes that.”

Butting heads and all, Rob calls the entire project “a labor of love” — “Ultimately, I think she did the show for me, and I did it for her,” he says — and he looked to his own experiences as a celebrity for inspiration, like the time he hit a pedestrian with his car on Sunset Boulevard.

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“[The pedestrian’s] fine, but the police came, and they literally walked right over the guy, and they were way more interested in how I was doing because I’m famous,” he recalls. “They said, ‘Mr. Schneider, are you okay, would you like to sit down?’ … My wife is saying, ‘My husband was the guy driving, he is the guy hit by the car!’ They were like, ‘He’ll be fine.’ “

Rob admits that he “can be” a jerk, like his character, but that everybody can — and that’s more fun to watch anyway. “Somebody trying to show themselves in a really great light is boring,” he says. “I think the characters that have problems are the ones that are much more interesting. That’s what I want to watch.”

See what kind of problems the fictional Rob has in the trailer above — which features cameos by David Spade, George Lopez, and more — and watch the entire eight-episode first season when it begins streaming on Netflix Dec. 1.

Real Rob

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