Credit: Rob Loud/WireImage

Our long years spent without getting our freaks on or losing control have finally come to an end: Missy Elliott is back with more supa dupa fly music that pushes the hip-hop envelope. Thursday, a week after Elliott dropped her new video “WTF (Where They From?),” she appeared on Billboard’s latest cover.

The interview focused on what the public perceives to be a comeback for Elliott, even though she actually hasn’t stopped working in music. In fact, she could double her entire discography with all the music she’s made but hasn’t released. “If I wanted to do The Missing Files of Missy Elliott, I have probably six albums just sitting there,” she said.

While we won’t be getting that quantity from Elliott, she is promising quality with her new album. She wouldn’t reveal much about the anticipated collection, but she told Billboard, “I want to say 2016 but I don’t want to give a time. Nowadays you say a time, they’ll stone you.” We also know that it will be produced by her collaborators Timbaland and Pharrell Williams, whom Elliott refers to as “the only two producers that understand me.”

Elliott also talks about about the full-blown panic attack she had before her Super Bowl appearance, the idea of touring with Beyonce, and reveals that nobody but her two Yorkies have ever seen her record music. “[Even] Tim has never seen me record a day in his life,” Elliott said.

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