Credit: Philippe Bosse/Crackle

The Art of More

There’s plenty of House of Cards-level wheeling and dealing, recast within the luxury auction-house world, on this thriller, the first hour-long drama from Sony’s streaming service. The story follows Graham Connor (Christian Cooke), an account executive at a Sotheby’s-like corporation who started out selling treasures he discovered during the Iraq War. Now he connects black-market artifacts with buyers like billionaire sleazeball Sam (played by executive producer Dennis Quaid) and eccentric heir Arthur (Cary Elwes, who’s mustache-twirlingly campy). Rivalries between Graham and fellow auction-house exec Roxanna (Kate Bosworth) generate suspense, and it’s fun to learn the history behind auction items like Steve McQueen’s Ferrari and the Who’s handwritten lyrics. But the best part is reveling in the evildoings of the one percent. B+

The Art of More
2015 series
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