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Stephen Colbert is such a big Star Wars fan that he still has the original Luke Skywalker bath set — complete with shampoo, bubble bath, soap, and a comb. But being an obsessive aficionado has its drawbacks, Colbert revealed on Tuesday’s episode of The Late Show, because of the increase in marketing integration between products and Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

To illustrate the point, Colbert played an ad for CoverGirl’s new Star Wars line of cosmetics, and said he collected the entire line. “It’s got everything, even the much maligned Phantom Mascara and Jar Jar Blush,” he joked.

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And while Colbert himself would “never wear this makeup,” he found someone who did: Darth Vader. Colbert put on Darth Vader’s helmet and applied lipstick to the mouth portion. “Am I pretty now, daddy?” he said, using vocal effects to mimic Vader’s iconic voice.

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