Noah Hawley is taking on Kurt Vonnegut. The creator of the acclaimed FX series Fargo has been handed the reins to develop the network’s limited series based on Cat’s Cradle, EW confirmed. Hawley will write and produce the adaptation.

Cat’s Cradle is considered one of Vonnegut’s finest works. The darkly funny book, written in 1963 during the Cold War, satirizes the rampant arms race of the era, man’s thoughts on mortality, and religion.

None of Vonnegut’s novels has been adapted into a TV series, though two of his short stories were adapted for episodes of American Playhouse, and he hosted Kurt Vonnegut’s Monkey House (which adapted more short stories) on Showtime in the early ’90s.

Like Cat’s Cradle, Fargo comes from another pre-existing work: the Coen Brothers’ 1996 Oscar winner (for writing and lead actress). Hawley produced a new story but retained the aesthetic and general setting of the film. The first and the current second season of Fargo, an anthology series, both have 10-episode arcs with mostly self-contained narratives.

Hawley is also writing and executive producing a pilot for Legion, an X-Men-related series, for FX.

Deadline first reported the news.