By Clark Collis
November 18, 2015 at 11:36 PM EST

Internet reaction to the news that AMBI Pictures plans on remaking Christopher Nolan’s much beloved, told-in-reverse, and not all that old, thriller Memento has mostly ranged from “Really?” to “Really?” 

Now, the film’s star, Guy Pearce, has weighed in on the subject. “Can I be in OTNEMEME remake?” the Australian actor tweeted earlier today. “I want to play Sammy this time…….”

As the tweet was accompanied by a photo of Pearce covered in the tattoos he sported while portraying his character, an insurance investigator named Leonard with no short-term memory, it is possible he really is hankering after a role (one originally played by Stephen Tobolowsky) which doesn’t require such extensive makeup. It is also possible that Pearce is drolly noting his availability to once again play the lead role in the sequel, given the, let us say, strong connection between Leonard and Sammy. Then again, maybe Pearce is just sardonically expressing his bewilderment at the idea of remaking the film at all.

The latter seemed to be confirmed by the actor’s subsequent tweet.

“I wonder why they’d do a remake anyway?” wrote the actor. “I mean we all know how it starts…..”


You can see a trailer for the original Memento, below.