The pair will hunt for extreme activities across the country with fans' help

By Shirley Li
Updated November 18, 2015 at 09:05 PM EST
Todd Williamson/Getty Images

Marcus and Cody Johns are going on an extreme road trip. The popular Vine brothers — they boast more than 10 million followers and nearly 3 billion lifetime loops combined — will star in the new season of HeyUSA, named HeyUSA_X, thanks to their goal to travel across the country for extreme stunts and activities.

HeyUSA, produced by content studio Astronauts Wanted, first launched with Grace Helbig and Mamrie Hart taking viewers to other popular YouTubers and content creators for two seasons of road trips determined by fans. In this spinoff executive produced by Helbig and Hart and featuring the Johns brothers, fans will help plan the brothers’ road trip itinerary and get the chance to meet up with them as they pursue the coolest activities to do, allowing viewers to effectively see their adventures in real time.

“I know we’re both really excited about this, and we’ve been looking forward to getting to experience these next couple weeks together, getting to do extreme things we’ve always dreamed of doing,” Marcus Johns tells EW. “I would tell anyone to expect the unexpected, because even we don’t know what to expect.”

For more information and instructions on how to get involved (hint: the best way to stay on top of where the brothers will be going is to head to HeyUSA_X‘s Twitter and Instagram) and get a chance to meet up with them, watch a special announcement from Helbig, Hart, and the brothers below:

HeyUSA_X premieres in early 2016, exclusively on go90, a mobile entertainment platform downloadable as an app on iOS and Android.