You’d never know from looking at it, but the down-on-his-luck person on the big screen in this Instagram photo from the Museum of Modern Art is… the ever-elegant two-time Oscar winner Cate Blanchett.

The photo is part of a video installation by German artist Julian Rosefeldt (left, in the photo), who teamed with Blanchett for a new musuem exhibition called Manifesto, which will premiere next month in the actress’ native Australia.

Rosefeldt paid tribute to Blanchett in a speech at MoMA’s star-studded tribute to the the Carol star. “We got introduced through mutual friends,” Rosefeldt said. “And Cate said to me at one point, if I heard it right, ‘Why don’t we do something together one day?’ It was a very generous gesture, out of pure curiosity. And I still can’t believe [she] did that.”

He added, addressing the actress, “This project that we did together is an homage to your incredible talent. Your works seems to me to be a never ending research on the human condition and its complexity.”

Blanchett also acknowledged Rosefeldt during her speech as the event’s honoree. “You expand my sense of what’s possible on the screen through your extraordinary work,” she raved.

In the videos, Blanchett also melts into several other personas, including a factory worker, a schoolteacher, a ballet instructor, and a gap-toothed rocker. Australian magazine FilmInk previewed those characters on its Instagram account: