By Lynette Rice
Updated November 18, 2015 at 03:11 PM EST
Credit: Sonja Flemming/CBS

Holy hotpants, Sheldon is ready to drop trou with Amy on The Big Bang Theory!

That’s right: EW has learned that the alter egos of Jim Parsons and Mayim Bialik will do the horizontal mambo in the Dec. 17 episode of the CBS comedy. The scene was filmed Tuesday night in Burbank, Calif., in front of a live studio audience.

Rather than risk a leak, the comedy’s producers decided to release this statement about the very special episode.

“After over five years of dating, we felt the time was right for Sheldon and Amy to finally consummate their relationship,” said executive producer Steve Molaro. “And we’re so excited for the audience to see the journey over the next several episodes.”

For now, it’s unclear whether this means the two have reconciled. For those who haven’t kept up with TV’s No. 1 comedy, Amy told Sheldon over Skype in the season 8 finale that she needed time alone. What Amy didn’t know was that Sheldon had a ring and was preparing to propose to his longtime girlfriend (whom he never took to bed).

For as long as Amy and Sheldon have been a couple, Parsons and Bialik have been peppered with questions about when or if they will ever go all the way. Finally, here comes the climax we’ve all been waiting for!

The Big Bang Theory airs Thursdays at 8 p.m. ET.

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