By Jessica Goodman
November 17, 2015 at 12:57 PM EST

Jimmy Kimmel’s mash-up Mondays continued this week with Jewel and Kool & the Gang — a.k.a. Jewel and the Gang —who performed a medley including the Gang’s songs, “Hollywood Swingin,” “Ladies Night,” and “Celebration.”

Jewel, who’s latest album Picking Up The Pieces debuted in September, took lead vocals for the classic hits.

Picking Up The Pieces was a continuation of Jewel’s debut smash, Pieces of You, and when speaking to EW about the collection, she highlighted her live performance. “If a person sees me live, I’m about 300 times better,” she said. “I’ve always felt the audience, and I sing from my heart. I don’t sing the song the same every time. I get so much feeling and emotion from the crowd, and I really live the songs.” Jewel & the Gang, indeed.