By Christopher Rosen
Updated November 17, 2015 at 03:59 PM EST
Credit: CBS

Bill Maher mocked people who believe in God during an interview with Stephen Colbert on Monday.

“We’re very opposite. You’re married and religious,” Maher, who was raised Catholic but is now an atheist, said to the Late Show host. Colbert, who is Catholic, joked that he was not good at practicing his faith before asking Maher to return to the Catholic faith.

“Come on back, Bill. The door is always open. Golden ticket right before you, all you have to do is humble yourself before the presence of the Lord, and admit there are things greater than you in the universe that you do not understand, and salvation awaits you,” Colbert said. “Take Pascal’s wager: If you’re wrong, you’re an idiot, but if I’m right, you’re going to hell.”

To which Maher responded, “I do admit there are things in the universe I don’t understand, but my response to that is not to make up silly stories. Or to believe intellectually embarrassing myths from the Bronze Age, but you believe whatever you want.”

After Colbert explained that he felt believing in God gave him a “connection” to his ancestors, Maher said, “These were men who did not know what a germ or an atom was, or where the sun went at night, and that’s where you’re getting your wisdom. Anyway, But let’s not argue.”

And Colbert did not: “My religion teaches me humility in the face of this kind of attack,” he said while smiling. The host did, however, take issue with Maher claims that Colbert had given him a “big lecture” about coming back to the Catholic faith.

Watch the segment below.