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Seth Rogen’s Twitter Q&A on Monday evening revealed some good news and some bad news for fans of Pineapple Express, the 2008 buddy comedy starring Rogen and James Franco as two stoners who get mixed up with dirty cops and drug dealers.

The good news is that Rogen still wants to do a sequel. Asked in the Q&A whether there’s ever going to be a Pineapple Express 2, he replied, “I hope there will be one day.”

The bad news is that there doesn’t seem to be as much interest from the studio side, which Rogen learned the hard way. “I think in the Sony hack, you can literally read the email where one of the executives decides not to make it — I know I did,” he said with a laugh. “So yeah, that’s a fun little behind-the-scenes glimpse of why there’s no Pineapple Express 2 right now.”

Elsewhere in the Q&A — which Rogen participated in to promote his new holiday comedy The Night Before — he dished on his reconciliation with Justin Bieber (“We’re going to go to Malta together for seven weeks”), his go-to karaoke jams (’90s Disney movie tunes), and his working with Eminem on The Interview (“He asked me halfway through filming that day if he seemed too happy”).

Check out a full rundown of Rogen’s Q&A on Twitter.

Pineapple Express

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