Pitch your Johnny Tran origin story now.

They say the universe is always expanding at an exponential rate. In this, and many other ways, the Fast & Furious franchise is exactly like the universe. Word comes from Variety that producer-star Vin Diesel and Universal have already started making vague plans for prequels and spin-offs the Furious saga. “We’ve written out storylines for various characters,” Diesel told the trade.

Which characters? Since we don’t actually know, this seems like the time for rampant rumormongering. Hobbs, probably: There have been rumors of a Dwayne Johnson-centric spinoff ever since the actor joined the series in Fast Five. The Shaw Brothers, possibly. After playing Furious 6 bad guy Owen Shaw, Luke Evans’ star has risen slightly following roles in the last couple Hobbits and that one Dracula movie. Owen appeared for a coma-cameo in Furious Seven, inspiring big brother Deckard Shaw towards vengeance; Deckard was played by Jason Statham, already a proven action-movie lifer who is now apparently a Furious staple.

It would make complete sense for those bad guys to become good guys in their own spinoff. Like maybe they have to take down their own mom, because Mom Shaw is an international car crime lord, and Mom Shaw is Helen Mirren. Nothing I’m saying is crazy. Mirren is totally game.

Don’t get too excited for the Furious spinoffs, though. Well, I mean, get excited, throw a party, quit your job, spend your kid’s college fund on a racetrack, wake up every morning and drive a sports car around that racetrack until nothing else matters, not the mortage, not the store, drive until you live your life a quarter mile at a time, for those 10 seconds you’re free. But don’t assume there are spinoffs happening, like, now. Universal Pictures Chairman Donna Langley tells Variety that the studio is in conversations about expanding the franchise. (“Should we make more money?” is probably how those conversations usually start.)

For now, though, they’re focused on making three more Fast & Furious movies. “Only three more Fast & Furious movies” sounds like quitting talk, but all involved promise that 2017’s eighth Furious will be a different kind of movie, and that even though Diesel has a specific vision for one final Furious trilogy, there may be room for more Furious films in the future.

Like, theoretically, The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Rising, where it turns out Han and Gisele both faked their deaths and now they’re like Bonnie and Clyde, but global, and their car goes underwater. Or, again just theoretically, Fast: Letty Furious, where Michelle Rodriguez joins renegade car smuggler Lupita Nyong’o for a showdown with car dictator Tony Leung. Or, back-of-the-envelope calculation here: Days of Furious Past, where Vin Diesel plays 65-year-old Dominic Toretto driving backwards in time to rescue 15-year-old Dominic Toretto (also played by Vin Diesel) from the nefarious car supervillain Doom Nitro, and it turns out that Doom Nitro’s last name is “Coretti” and “Doom Nitro Coretti” is an anagram for “Dominic Toretto,” without spoiling anything Vin Diesel also plays Doom Nitro and every other character in the movie.

Anyhow. More Furious films, coming forever.

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