Credit: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images

Thursday isn’t the only day for throwbacks.

On Sunday, Dwayne Johnson shared a video of his very first wrestling match from 20 years earlier. The brief clip features a young Johnson declaring, “we’re naughty by nature, and violent by decision,” before walking out towards a ring decked out only in sunglasses and a Speedo.

In a lengthy caption, Johnson wrote that he had just driven to Memphis from Miami. Strapped for cash, he stayed with “a very nice elderly couple willing to rent out a room to me” because, of course, The Rock crashed with an elderly couple when he was starting out — did you ever doubt it?

Johnson also used his caption to poke fun at his younger self.

“Y’all keep working hard at your goals and creating opportunities for yourselves, always be humble and never, and I repeat NEVER wear sunglasses inside a TV studio like I did here,” Johnson wrote. “What in theeeee f—!??”