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The movie Ant-Man may star Paul Rudd as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s smallest superhero. But the film will feature a generously-sized array of bonus features when it is released on digital HD on Nov. 17, and 3-D Blu-ray on Dec. 8, according to director Peyton Reed.

“Well, Paul Rudd and I did an audio commentary for the whole movie — that was a blast,” says Reed. “The making-of stuff is really terrific because building all these miniaturized sets, and doing all the macro photography, was really crucial to the whole look and tone of the movie. We have a handful of extended scenes and there’s some slight [bonus scenes] stuff. Some of the stuff you’ll see in there was from a section we cut out of the movie which was, after Scott gets the Ant-Man suit, then he decides to do some less-than-than-heroic things with the suit. He’s helping Michael Peña and the guys do some gambling and all this stuff. Then there’s amazing blooper stuff with a lot of dancing on it. There was a lot of dancing on the set. You see Paul Rudd do some dance moves, in and out of the Ant-Man suit. You see Michael Peña doing some dance moves. There’s a healthy amount of dancing on the Blu-ray.”

The Ant-Man Blu-ray will be available as part of a 2-disc combo pack (along with DVD and digital copies of the movie) and as a solo disc. From Dec. 8, the film will also be available to watch on DVD and on demand.

You can see one of the Blu-ray’s bonus features — a deleted scene with commentary from Reed and Rudd — below.

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