Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images for Entertainment Weekly

Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are the Internet’s BFF of the moment, but don’t sleep on Schumer’s relationship with Amber Rose.

Schumer cast Rose in her “Milk Milk Lemonade” video from Inside Amy Schumer, and Rose says their friendship is still going strong.

“Being on set with Amy is pretty amazing,” Rose told EW on the red carpet for VH1 Big In 2015 With Entertainment Weekly. “She’s constantly funny. It’s not an act she puts on, it’s really her personality. It’s a lot of laughs, a lot of fun. She’s all about girl power. I love it. She’s a great friend.”

Rose was at the event on Sunday night to honor Schumer, and the duo documented their night together on social media. “I am also in this picture,” Schumer wrote on Instagram alongside a photo of her and Rose.

“Amy, one of the reasons I’m such a fan is that I see so much of myself in you,” Rose joked on Sunday night (the broadcast will air Dec. 7). “I’m very involved in women’s empowerment through my Slut Walk. You walk. Sometimes. I have a very exotic look. People ask me, ‘Is she white, is she black?’ People ask you, ‘Is she all right? Is she blacked out?’ We both like to encourage women to be comfortable in their bodies. I do it through activism, and you let strange men touch on you in the subway. I like that sometimes too. I always have so much fun with you, and I consider you a friend. If I can get serious for a second, people. I just want to thank you for making us laugh and more importantly, making us think. You are the best and I love you so much.”

Schumer also stumped for Rose’s new book, How to Be a Bad Bitch, during VH1 Big in 2015 With Entertainment Weekly. “You need to get her book, How to Be a Bad Bitch, if you want to be a bad bitch. You want that?” Schumer said.

Watch Rose discuss her relationship with Schumer in the video above. VH1 Big in 2015 With Entertainment Weekly airs Dec. 7 at 9/8c on VH1.