By Christian Holub
Updated November 16, 2015 at 10:40 PM EST

Dungeons & Dragons

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A new take on Dungeons & Dragons offers an alternative for players who can’t meet in person around a table — virtual reality.

Wizards of the Coast, longtime publisher of D&D, has teamed up with AltspaceVR to create a virtual reality version of the iconic tabletop role-playing game. This new platform, available with a free account on the AltspaceVR website, is intended to help gaming groups whose members are farflung.

“AltspaceVR bridges the gap between Dungeons & Dragons video games and physically sitting around a table with friends,” Dungeons & Dragons brand director Nathan Stewart told TechCrunch. “You get the same sense of excitement and drama in the AltspaceVR tavern, from laughing at your buddy’s funny goblin voice to watching the d20 bounce and finally land on the natural 20 you needed to hit the beholder terrorizing your party.”

Bring on the Funyuns and Mountain Dew.

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Dungeons & Dragons

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