Credit: 20th Century-Fox Film Corporation/Courtesy Everett Collection

As Yoda would say, “the dark side I sense in you.”

Jonathan Liu, a writer for, caught his 2-year-old daughter on a baby monitor singing Darth Vader‘s entrance theme from Star Wars, John Williams’ “Imperial March,” and shared the adorable video online.

In a blog post, he wrote about watching the original Star Wars trilogy with his daughters, after which his toddler became Star Wars crazy. She picked out an X-Wing Lego set at the toy store, gravitated towards “Creepio” (presumably C-3PO), and she kept asking her parents to sing the “Star Wars song.”

Apparently she loves Vader’s theme, and she was caught singing it as she woke up from a nap. Watch the video below.

As her dad wrote, “The Force is strong with this one…”