Credit: John Walton/AP

While Paris reels from a night of deadly terror attacks, one pianist has returned to the site of the bloodiest violence, where he sat and played John Lennon’s “Imagine” for the crowd, the Associated Press reports.

According to one witness description, the unnamed man pulled his piano (marked with a peace sign) by his bike to just a few feet from the Bataclan.

The concert hall was assaulted Friday night by four gunmen, reportedly leaving at least 80 dead.

In the center of a ring of people, for a few minutes, the man began to play. At the end, he stood and briefly wiped his face.

Bataclan and other sites of the violence have become places of memorial and tribute, in the morning hours after the bloodshed. Citizens have gathered to lay flowers candles and messages.

Witness accounts from the carnage in Paris have described scenes of blood and chaos.

In the wake of the attacks, people around the world have come together in support – “solidarité” – of France.

Social media users are sending messages with the hashtags #PorteOuverte (“open door”) and #strandedinUS, offering their homes to people in need.

Facebook also turned its Safety Check feature on for users, allowing them let their friends and family know that they are okay.

The French Red Cross is also accepting donations and has deployed hundreds on the ground in Paris, according to

Paris-area residents can also donate blood to the French National Blood Service.