Credit: Eric McCandless/ABC

A broadcast network has finally canceled a new show this season: Wicked City is no more.

ABC has axed the freshman drama, making it the first officially canceled show of the fall.

Plenty of other shows are circling the drain — Minority Report, for instance, saw its order trimmed and is not on the network’s winter or spring schedule, yet Fox refuses to say the show won’t make a return appearance. ABC’s Blood & Oil and NBC’s The Player have also been trimmed and are presumably short for this world.

Wicked City, however, is being pulled from the schedule immediately — only three episodes have aired — and is halting production very soon (the eighth episode is now being shot). Shark Tank repeats will take over its Tuesday night slot starting next week.

Even by this fall’s lower-than-ever standards, Wicked City was bombing in the ratings. This week’s episode had only 1.7 million viewers and a 0.4 rating among adults 18-49, lower than The CW’s fare.

The first season focuses on two L.A. detectives (Jeremy Sisto, Gabriel Luna) as they search for a pair of romantically-linked serial killers (Ed Westwick, Erika Christensen) terrorizing the Sunset Strip in 1982.

Broadcasters have been ultra-hesistant to get rid of any shows this fall given the ratings climate and the knowledge that you only want to remove a show from the schedule if you’re confident you have another program to replace it that will perform better.