By Lynette Rice and Melissa Maerz
November 13, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST
Credit: Chuck Hodes/Fox; Adam Taylor/ABC

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Cookie or Olivia: Who’s the best dressed onTV?

EW’s Critics Make Their Cases

Melissa Maerz says:

You don’t top a Best Dressed list by playing it safe. And nothing’s safer than Olivia Pope’s closet full of pastel-hued jackets and blouses so bland, they inspired a collection at the Limited. Great fashion doesn’t come from a chain store at the mall. It should celebrate individualism, charisma, fearlessness. Like Cookie Lyon, it should strut into a boardroom, decked out in peacock feathers, sequins, and/or jewel-toned leather, throw on a fur coat that’s color-coordinated to match your Maltese guard dog, and stare you down, like, What. It shouldn’t be afraid to take equal inspiration from Moschino’s latest runway looks and the characters on In Living Color. Most important, it should remind you that true style isn’t just about clothes. It’s about being badder than the animals whose prints populate your wardrobe.

Lynette Rice says:

Olivia Pope, we love it when you get so cold. It’s only then that we get to feast our eyes on your myriad coats, those luxurious cloaks of cozy cashmere and wool that make us want to torch our pitiful pea coats and childlike slickers. And where do you fetch those Pradas? At the end of the assembly line in Milan? The way you pair your pouches with those splendiferous coats make you a force to be reckoned with, a fear-inducing fashionista. The armor suits you, Gladiator.