By Eric Renner Brown
Updated November 13, 2015 at 02:17 PM EST

Australian radio station Triple J has a long-running covers series named “Like a Version” and in a new installment Tame Impala — perhaps the country’s hottest rock act at the moment — stopped by to give their take on another artist’s tune. The group blew the hinges off “Confide in Me,” the 1994 single by pop singer and fellow countrywoman Kylie Minogue. “That was a vintage Tame Impala guitar solo,” frontman Kevin Parker told the show’s hosts after a scorching outro. “Confused yet unhinged.”

Despite frequent comparisons by critics and fans to ’60s bands like the Beatles, Tame Impala have long expressed reverence for artists outside their psych-rock wheelhouse. “The Beatles are as much of an inspiration as Britney Spears, at the end of the day,” Parker told EW earlier this year. “It’s just stuff that’s around me that happens to enter my brain. It ends up playing a part in my understanding of music.”

Parker has a strong history with Triple J. Tame Impala stopped by in 2013 to perform a cover of OutKast’s “Prototype” and Parker appeared with Mark Ronson in July for a reimagining of Queens of the Stone Age’s “I Sat by the Ocean.” And one of the most well-known installments of “Like a Version” is the Arctic Monkeys’ take on Tame Impala’s “Feels Like We Only Go Backwards.”

Check out Tame Impala’s version of “Confide in Me” below.