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Is there anything you can tease about how Riggs and Owen are connected on Grey’s Anatomy? — Thomas

We’ll get much more information next week when another familiar face from Owen’s past pops up — but I have to stay somewhat vague about this one, sorry! “It’s interesting because Riggs is connected to Owen’s past,” Kevin McKidd says. “So it means that [SPOILER REDACTED] is involved in that, so a lot of interesting things come up when [SPOILER REDACTED] bumps into a certain person from her past, too.”

Will we find out how Kara got free of the Phantom Zone on Supergirl? — Elizabeth

Yes, but you’ll have to be patient. “We will get into how and why Kara’s pod and Fort Rozz escaped the Phantom Zone … just not yet,” EP Andrew Kreisberg says. “We’re saving that surprise for later. But we know what happened and it’s pretty cool. I promise!”

Anything about Once Upon a Time. — Regal Ducklings

A surprising face will provide Hook with his lost memories from Camelot, but he’ll discover that it’s not Emma he should be mad at. That’s all I can say, but stay tuned after Sunday’s episode for scooooooop! In the meantime, read this.

Will we see more doppelgängers from Earth-Two soon on The Flash? — Hank

I’m getting the feeling that the second half of the season will delve into that more. “It sounds like we’re going to be making an Earth-Two trip in the future at some point this season,” Grant Gustin says. “I don’t know which characters are going to be going. I’m pretty sure Barry will be one of them. I don’t know if we’re going to see his doppelgänger when we go over there. I’d imagine we would.” While Jesse L. Martin hasn’t played his doppelgänger yet, he has heard good things about what could potentially go down. “Earth-Two Joe might have a little musical element to him,” Martin says.

Any hope for Weller and Jane to finally discuss their feelings for each other on Blindspot? — Sarhi

They’re going to jump right over that and get married! Kidding. In truth, Weller and Jane have to pretend to be married for an op, but through their experience, we’ll learn that Jane’s relationship with the tree tattoo man may have run deeper than even she expected.

Is there anything you can tease for How to Get Away With Murder’s winter finale next week? — Toni

Sorry, but you won’t get all of the answers about the new Murder night during next week’s midseason ender. “Last year, we showed all of the flash-forwards again exactly how they fit in the puzzle in our midseason finale,” says EP Pete Nowalk. “This year, that’s not necessarily the case. We get to a point in that night where you will have seen some of the flash forwards, but others will be left to figure out for the premiere. You get a ton of answers, and even answers you didn’t expect to get. We end in what we think is the most exciting, satisfying moment. There will be some question marks to figure out later on.”

Alaric is Caroline’s fiancé? What about Steroline? Give me some hope for my favorite Vampire Diaries couple. — Megan

Don’t panic just yet. Yes, Alaric is the one who put the ring on Caroline’s finger, but that doesn’t mean they’re living happily ever after. In an upcoming flash-forward, we’ll see that perhaps everything isn’t perfect between the couple, so there might be hope for Steroline yet.

I loved that FitzSimmons photo! Please tell me what’s next on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — Haraina

While they’re poised to take the next step in their relationship, one big thing is standing in the way: Getting Will back. “Right now, they have no leads,” the S.H.I.E.L.D. bosses tell me. “It will be a long road. The bigger question is whether or not Fitz will continue to want to help as he finds out more about Will and, more importantly, spends more time with the woman he loves.” Aww, she’s his lobster. (And if you get that joke, we’re now officially friends.)

Are Sam and Dean going to find themselves fighting WITH the monsters to beat the Darkness on Supernatural? — Tim

It’s a great question, and one I asked Jared Padalecki. “We haven’t explored that too much yet,” he says. “It was like a tagline for Independence Day or something, but it was like ‘When aliens invade is the day racism ends,’ so maybe this is sort of the same thing, like now that the Darkness is here, monsters and demons and angels and humans can at least find a common enemy, because we’re all scared of it. We’re all scared of what it could entail.” I, for one, would love to see God, Lucifer, Castiel, Crowley, and the Winchesters all on the same team.

What is this Pretty Little Liars special? Am I actually going to learn something new? — Ava

Yes! Not only will the hour feature never-before-seen clips of what the Liars have been up to during the five-year time jump, but thanks to an interview with showrunner Marlene King and the Liars, you’re going to learn even more. “There’s actually some really fun moments in the special, the four Pretty Little Liars and myself are in Spencer’s barn talking a lot about what happened during those five years,” King says. “And Hanna talks about who put that ring on her finger and how that came about.” So yeah, you might want to watch.

Best news I’ve heard all week: I’m glad that Kevin McKidd is getting a meaty story line again on Grey’s Anatomy.

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