By Oliver Gettell
November 13, 2015 at 12:00 PM EST

Mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey has been so dominant in the ring that sometimes it seems as though she’s fighting with a cheat code on.

But what if she actually were a videogame character? Wonder no more, as the sports-comedy website the Kicker has given Rousey a 16-bit makeover and dropped her into a series of brawls against Street Fighter II tough guys Ryu, Zangief, and Ken.

Granted, the pixelated Rousey looks more like SFII‘s Cammy than the Arm Collector herself, but the brevity of the matches rings pretty true.

In other Rousey videogame news, EA Sports announced Friday that the bantamweight champ will grace the cover of the company’s upcoming UFC 2 game. Rousey will be joined by another fighter yet to be revealed.