Credit: CBS

When Olivia Wilde wasn’t burning Jeb Bush during her appearance on Thursday’s Late Late Show, the actress was sharing a touching story about the first time she met Chris Farley.

At the urging of host James Corden, Wilde recalled meeting Farley at an after-party for Saturday Night Live when she was 10 years old.

“I was a fat kid. I was standing by the dessert table, as usual, eating a brownie, kind of self-consciously,” Wilde said. “Chris Farley walked up, locked eyes with me, took a brownie, put it in his mouth. Then took another brownie, and put it in his mouth. Then another one, and put it in his mouth. Then he started slamming them into his mouth.”

As Wilde remembered, Farley’s brownie binge was done simply “to delight a child.”

“He took time out of his party to come over and make me laugh,” Wilde said. “It was so moving, so sweet.”