EW caught up with the cast at the Paley Center for Media in N.Y.C. on Thursday

By Dylan Kickham
Updated November 13, 2015 at 05:29 PM EST
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As the midseason finale of How to Get Away With Murder approaches, we have just one thing on our minds: Who shot Annalise? Unsurprisingly, the cast of the hit ABC show were not about to divulge that secret on the red carpet at the Paley Center for Media on Thursday night in New York City, but they did drop some hints about what might be in store for their characters heading into the biggest reveal of the season.

Liza Weil

Liza’s character Bonnie has been dating student Asher Milstone for most of the second season, but they recently broke things off when she discovered he was involved in a sexual assault in his past. So, is there any hope of Bonnie and Asher getting back together after this? “I think they’re people that care about each other deeply,” Weil told EW. “I hope that they remain in each other’s corners whether it remains romantic or not.”

Matt McGorry

McGorry doesn’t sound too hopeful about Bonnie and Asher’s future, either. “I think it’d be very difficult for them to get back together,” he said. “I think it’d take a long time to build that trust. I can only hope for what would be healthy for both of them.”

Charlie Weber

Bonnie and Asher’s love may be going south, but it’s on the up and up for Frank and Laurel. “They’re together. They’re boyfriend/girlfriend and it’s only going to go deeper,” Weber said. “There are real feelings there, these are two people who are falling in love. Those are genuine emotions.”

Aja Naomi King

Michaela also got lucky in that extended sex montage from the most recent episode, “Hi, I’m Philip.” King says that her character really relates to Caleb because they were both adopted. So, are we ever going to meet Michaela’s birth parents? “We will both find that out as the show progresses,” King responded.

Billy Brown

Brown’s character, Nate Lahey is hot-and-cold about his feelings for Annalise: one minute he’s saying he wants to kill her and the next they’re having sex on her bed. Brown described the relationship as a back-and-forth that people can’t look away from. “Even though the audience is yelling at Nate, ‘Run for your life!’ they’re also like, ‘Don’t run so fast just yet,’ ” Brown said, neatly summarizing the toxic relationship.

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