Find out which upcoming moment Matt McGorry calls ‘cray-licious’

By Dana Rose Falcone
Updated November 13, 2015 at 04:17 PM EST
Credit: Tony Rivetti

With just one week to go before we find out who shot Annalise and ADA Sinclair, How to Get Away With Murder’s Thursday night episode offered some new insight on this season’s ongoing case. Catherine and Philip have a past, and thanks to a DNA test Frank doled out serious cash for, we find out that Philip is the product of Catherine and Caleb’s dead dad and aunt.

“Hi, I’m Philip” also gave Asher — who got upset over never being around for the “cool stuff” — the opportunity to be the hero. Doucheface figured out that Sinclair planted a wire in the Keating house and then he discovered it in his pen. Notably missing from Thursday’s episode: Bonnie, who was last seen wishing Annalise dead.

In her absence, Annalise crowned Laurel “New Bonnie,” and Frank wasn’t too happy with his girlfriend’s title. But that didn’t stop them from getting it on, as did many couples as the hour drew to a close. Caleb gave Michaela her first orgasm, Connor and Oliver spiced things up by doing it in a lecture hall, and Annalise got back on Nate’s good side in more ways than one.

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With all the love — er, lust — in the air on HTGAWM, it’s easy to forget that there are still a few killers to identify, not to mention figuring out the connection between Annalise and Wes. Though the cast enjoyed the sex scenes, too, in this week’s blog, the Keating clan hint at what fans can expect from the winter finale.

Favorite moment from the episode: Seeing Michaela get some … but what is she really getting?! #trustnoone —Aja Naomi King

Favorite moment filming the episode: When Connor stands up to Annalise to try and save Oliver. #coliver #wheresollie —Jack Falahee

Most suspicious character of this episode and why: I think the most suspicious character is Catherine because she knows Phillip!! —Charlie Weber

The moment that made your jaw drop: The sex montage at the end of the episode was something else! —Liza Weil

One teaser for next episode: You will find out who shot Annalise and Sinclair and it’s cray-licious! —Matt McGorry

How to Get Away With Murder airs Thursdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.

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