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The cast of How to Get Away With Murder stopped by the Paley Center for Media on Thursday to screen the night’s new episode “Hi, I’m Philip” and spill some secrets and behind-the-scenes insight to EW Editor Henry Goldblatt, who moderated the panel. Here’s what we learned:

1. Viola Davis thinks the sex scenes are too much: “No one has sex like that”

When asked if there was ever a scene that she thought went too far, Davis bluntly responded, “All the sex scenes.” As viewers of the show know, Murder certainly does not shy away from sex scenes. “No one has sex like that,” Davis remarked. “Nobody’s throwing down a towel. Who get thrown against a wall?” Jack Falahee, whose character Connor participates in the lion’s share of sex scenes, echoed the sentiment, calling them awkward.

2. Matt McGorry bases Asher Millstone on a specific “jerk” he knows

Though Asher Millstone is getting some more depth this season, there are still moments we see the irreverent, jokey fratboy that he played through most of season 1. “I based Asher on this idea of a specific person, but I won’t say who,” McGorry revealed. “It’s this guy who doesn’t know everyone thinks he’s a jerk and an idiot. He’s the epitome of white male privilege.”

3. Charlie Weber says there’s a lot more to Frank than we think we know

Frank is still probably one of the most mysterious characters on the show, and fans are obviously eager to learn more about Annalise’s right-hand man. “He has a lot inside him that people don’t know yet,” Weber teased. He mentioned the fact that we met Frank’s family in a recent episode, so we know that he wasn’t born into this life of crime. “He chose this life, so we go down that road,” Weber said.

4. The upcoming midseason finale shocked even Jack Falahee

In case you weren’t already pumped enough for the next week’s midseason finale, Falahee said that reading through that script was the most shocking moment for him from working on the show. “The end of that is crazy,” Falahee divulged.

5. Aja Naomi King can’t get enough Bonnie

When asked about her favorite moment of the series, Aja Naomi King gushed about Bonnie’s dramatic scenes with Analise this season. “All of Liza’s scenes are gut-wrenching,” King said. “They’re my favorite scenes.”

6. Billy Brown gets fed up with Nate Lahey

Disgraced cop and Annalise’s sometimes-lover Nate Lahey actually gets on his actor’s nerves from time to time. “Sometimes I’m just like, ‘What the f— is Lahey doing? Grab your balls and be a man,’ ” Brown admitted.

7. Aja Naomi King was supposed to slap Lynn Whitfield, but refused

An audience member asked the cast if there was ever a scene scripted that they just couldn’t do, and King revealed that she was meant to slap her stepmother-to-be played by Lynn Whitfield in a season 1 episode, but asked creator Pete Norwalk to change the scene. “I said, ‘If I do this, she has to slap me back and knock me out,’ ” King said. “Luckily, Pete came up with the solution that she catches my slap, which I love.”

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