Credit: Gus Stewart/Getty Images

UPDATE: Members of rock group Eagles of Death Metal are safe after a shooting at the Bataclan music venue in Paris left at least 87 people dead, a representative for the band tells EW.

A source confirms that no members of the band were killed. It is still unknown whether all Eagles of Death Metal crew members are accounted for.

EARLIER: Rock band Eagles of Death Metal were performing in Paris venue the Bataclan when unidentified gunmen fired into the crowd and took hostages. Shortly after the attack, the group posted to Facebook that they were “still trying to determine the safety and whereabouts” of band and crew members.

The band’s co-founder and regular drummer, Josh Homme, was not touring with Eagles of Death Metal, and was reported safe, sources tell EW.

The Whigs’ drummer Julian Dorio was filling in for Homme on tour, and his wife and mother told the Washington Post they had made contact with him following the shooting and that he was safe. “He called to say that he loved me and he was safe,” his wife Emily Dorio said. “Everyone on stage was able to get off.”

His brother Michael Dorio told CNN that Julian called him “20 to 30 minutes after the incident occurred.” He said Julian told him the band “heard the gunshots before they saw anything” and “the whole band exited as fast as they could.”

Police officials stormed the Bataclan and killed at least three gunmen, freeing hostages in the concert hall. Paris deputy major Patrick Klugman confirmed to CNN that at least 118 people were found dead in the Bataclan. On Saturday, the number of dead was lowered to 87, according to Reuters.

The attack at the Bataclan was only one tragedy that took place on Friday night in Paris. Explosions and shootings took place simultaneously around the city in seven locations killing at least 128 people, according to CNN.