Gimme a Z! Gimme ... another Z!

By Mary Sollosi
Updated November 12, 2015 at 07:15 PM EST

How many letters does it take to spell WHAT THE HELL?

In the final speed round of Wheel of Fortune on Tuesday, the eventual winner, Nura, was either exhausted to the point of cluelessness or strategic enough to fake it. In four turns, she guessed X and Z and got buzzed out twice after failing to come up with a letter at all.

“Say that again for me?” Host Pat Sajak asks after she guesses Z, with only one letter on the board already. “Did you say Z? You did say Z. Okay.” A couple of turns later, he muses aloud, “I wonder what letter Nura will call.” She doesn’t let him down: X it is!

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Whether Nura was genuinely incapable of summoning up a commonly used letter to guess, generously giving the other players a chance to make rack up some money themselves, or intentionally offering nothing useful so that her competitors couldn’t catch up to her lead we’ll never know.

“You called some unusual letters in that round,” Sajak observed. Nura just shrugged. “That’s what I saw.”

While her choices were bizarre, Nura was the winner of the night, so who’s laughing? After all, it doesn’t take any letters at all to spell $13,970.

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