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They could have split the vote. They should have split the vote. But they didn’t. So when Kelley Wentworth played her hidden immunity idol on Wednesday’s episode of Survivor: Cambodia—Second Chance, it meant game over for one of the majority alliance members. And that member was Andrew Savage.

Savage went out with middle fingers blazing, but how does he feel now about his sudden ouster? We found out when he joined me and special guest co-host — and champion of Survivor: San Juan del Sur — Natalie Anderson on the latest edition of Survivor Talk.

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Why didn’t they split the vote? Did the women target him for strategic or personal reasons? Why was Savage so crabby at times the season? And why was he on a constant anti-Fishbach crusade? We ask him all that and more, and you can see what he has to say for himself by clicking on the video at the top of the post.

Not only does Andrew explain why they did not split the votes (now calling it a “colassal blunder”), but he also tells us about an insane Tribal Council interaction between him and jury member Kass that you did not see, which led to “the most disgusting reality I could ever imagine.” Get the scoop on all that and more on what has to be the most Savage Survivor Talk yet!

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