Spotify wants to make sure you never miss a concert you care about again. The streaming behemoth added a new feature Thursday named “Concerts” that promises to generate listings for users based on their location and listening preferences.

Spotify launched the service in conjunction with concert-tracking website Songkick. When users navigate to the “Browse” tab — which gained notoriety back in July, when Spotify rolled out its popular “Discover Weekly” feature — they’ll see the option to browse upcoming shows in their area. Choosing a specific concert will direct users to Songkick, which will provide additional details about where to purchase tickets.

Like in its other features, Spotify says it will make discovery an important component of the “Concerts” tab. “We surface the live gigs that we know you’ll enjoy, as well as acts that you’ll love to discover,” a press release announcing “Concerts” says. “And as your music taste evolves, so will your recommendations.” The release also says Spotify will let “you know when your favorite artists announce new concerts near you so you’ll never miss another show.”

This isn’t the first time Songkick and Spotify have teamed up. “We’ve had a long and awesome relationship with Spotify,” reads an announcement on Songkick’s blog. “From our desktop app way back in 2011, to our artist importants to neat integrations inside the Discover feed and artist pages — we’re so hyped that Concerts now have a place to call home inside the app.” The desktop app Songkick refers to was one of the integrated apps Spotify offered in previous incarnations of its app.

But the Songkick deal marks a victory for Spotify. Songkick joined with the streaming service — and Spotify competitor — Rdio back in March to provide its users with a similar resource to the new “Concerts” feature: Geolocated tour dates published on artist pages.