From 'The Even Stevens Movie' to all three 'Transformers,' Shia has experienced a wide spectrum of emotions.

On Tuesday, Shia LaBeouf launched #ALLMYMOVIES, a three-day experimental performance art installation during which he sat and watched, in one long marathon, every single movie he’s made — from Fury to Holes to Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and everything in between.

Anyone could show up to New York’s Angelika Film Center and join him in the audience, and a camera filmed LaBeouf throughout, so that people at home could watch LaBeouf watching LaBeouf in a live stream on the project’s website.

Giphy gathered the best GIFs from the live stream, and LaBeouf’s reactions to his own films range from happy to grumpy to sleepy. The films themselves aren’t visible in the footage, so you’ll have to guess whether he’s falling asleep during one of the Transformers or one of the Nymphomaniac films, and if his enthusiastic applause is for Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle or The Even Stevens Movie. However they do correspond, it’s safe to say that the complete filmography of Shia LaBeouf is an absolute emotional roller coaster. Find many more GIFs at the Giphy website.