'I think she'd be making meatloaf for her best girl friends,' Arielle Kibbel tells EW
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With all of this talk of a Gilmore Girls revival series on Netflix, we are itching for any information about what the fine folks of Stars Hollow would be up to in 2015. Most of the main actors have already told us where they imagine their characters would be today, and now Arielle Kebbel, who played Dean Forester’s doting wife Lindsay, adds her name to the list. As Gilmore Girls addicts recall, Lindsay struggled to cook for meals for Dean while they were married, but she eventually managed to make his favorite meal of roast beef. Dean repayed her by cheating on her with Rory, and one of the last times we see Lindsay, she’s throwing Dean’s stuff on the lawn telling him to move out.

So what does Kebbel think Lindsay would be doing today? Well, she’d be totally over Dean, to start: “I think she’d be making meatloaf for her best girl friends,” Kebbel tells EW.

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Lindsay got a really bad rap from the Gilmore Girls audience, for no real reason other than that she was in the way of Dean and Rory being together. A large part of the show’s fandom hated the character solely for existing, despite the fact she did nothing to warrant much hate or even love — she basically just did her best to make her doomed marriage work in the few episodes she appeared in. Kebbel recalled the first time she was ever recognized as an actress, and the people were not fans of her character.

Gilmore Girls was my first job in L.A. and I remember one of the first times someone ever asked me if I was an actress. I was getting coffee and they said, ‘Excuse me, are you in Gilmore Girls?’ I said, ‘Oh my gosh, yes!’ It was such a moment for me. And she said ‘Oh, we hate you!’ “

But don’t cry for Kebbel. She’s landed bigger TV and movie roles since then, including notable spots in The Vampire Diaries, UnREAL, and Ballers.

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Alexis Bledel, Lauren Graham, ...
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