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November 11, 2015 at 03:23 PM EST
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So far, Sam and Dean have been unsuccessful in their mission of finding out anything about the Darkness, other than that she’s now in the form of a young girl who eats souls, ages really quickly, and clearly has a connection to Dean.  And thanks to the fact that the Darkness is scaring monsters everywhere, the brothers aren’t exactly going to have a lot of downtime to get their research done (not that it’s been much help so far).

“Nobody can tell them anything about [the Darkness] because it predates lore. So what they’ll do in the interim is they will continue to do what they can and do what they know and that’s to drive down the road hunting things,” Jensen Ackles tells EW. “Monsters are actually uniting. They’re making the call out for help, so there’s some factions of monsters that are starting to act a little crazy, so things are starting to pop up on the radar maybe a little bit more than they normally would and that gives the boys something to do.”

But despite the fact that they’ve yet to get answers on the Darkness, there is another mystery that will be solved — or at least found — in this week’s episode: Metatron.  

“He was God’s scribe, so he’s another character we think we might have to get involved,” Jared Padalecki says, adding, “but he is sort of an unwitting participant, at least of now.”

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Turns out, Metatron might not be the evil angel you remember. “He was the scribe of God but now those powers are strongly affected and he’s just essentially human, which is weird,” Ackles says. “Him dealing with that is going to be an issue but also, he has knowledge of things that most humans don’t have knowledge of, [so] how he utilizes that power has yet to be determined.”

How he utilizes that power or if he utilizes that power? “He doesn’t want any piece of it,” Padalecki says. “But he’s going to be one of the pieces of the puzzle that Sam and Dean need to rely on some day.”

As Ackles puts it, “He does come back and that is, in my opinion, one of the kind of aces-in-the-hole that they have. They’re going to use any and everything they can because [the Darkness] is bigger and badder than anything that they’ve ever dealt with. That’s why we’ve kept saying that there will be alliances made that in any other circumstances would never be made.” 

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