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What if I told you… that a washed-up American brawler battled a ‘roided-up human specimen from the Soviet Union in the ring and consequently ended a standoff between two global superpowers? Well, it sounds a little ridiculous, but that’s what this ESPN 30 for 30 parody posits about Rocky IV.

College Humor recruited real sports personalities to talk about the fictional Rocky Balboa (Sylvester Stallone)-Ivan Drago (Dolph Lundgren) bout, including ESPN/HBO boxing analyst Max Kellerman.

Regarding Apollo Creed’s lethal dance with Drago, ESPN’s Robert Flores indicated the patriotically clothed legend was better suited for real dancing. “Now I’ve followed boxing and dance for 23 years,” he deapdans. “Apollo Creed was in dance shape, not boxing shape.” Sure enough: Creed’s exhausting dance with James Brown pre-fight may have led to his death.

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ESPN boxing columnist Dan Rafael had “never seen anything like this”: punches after the bell, corner teams getting in on the action, jabs causing damage despite never making contact.

See the full clip above.

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