By Christopher Rosen
Updated November 11, 2015 at 01:02 PM EST
Douglas Gorenstein/NBC

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The perils of playing wacky games with Jimmy Fallon came into focus for Daniel Radcliffe on Tuesday, and cost the star a dry pair of underwear.

During Tuesday’s episode of The Tonight Show, Radcliffe played Fallon in a game of “Water War,” a twist on the card game War that adds water into the mix (the loser of each hand gets splashed in the face with water). Things started strong for Radcliffe, who doused Fallon’s head with glass after glass of water. But after Fallon won a hand, he poured liquid onto Radcliffe’s lap.

“For the record as well, just so everyone knows, I’m going to a premiere after this and I don’t think I brought more underwear,” a soggy Radcliffe said as Fallon laughed. “Which is great.”

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Fortunately, there was a solution to the wardrobe issue: Fallon offered up his own underwear as consolation, which Radcliffe called “sweet.” Watch the bit below.

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