You might not know Keith “Bang Bang” McCurdy by name, but you definitely know his art: He’s responsible for the lion tattoo on Cara Delevingne’s finger, a gallery’s worth of Rihanna’s tattoos, and four of Katy Perry’s. Oh, and Justin Bieber had Bang Bang tattoo him on a plane. With a life full of stories like these (and plenty more from his earlier years), it’s no wonder the guy has written a book: Bang Bang: My Life in Ink comes out on Nov. 17. But while you wait, EW exclusively reveals the book’s trailer, above.

Below, read Bang Bang’s charming Q&A with pal Delevingne — whose Instagram photo of her lion tattoo initially caused Bang Bang’s nearly exponential rise in followers.



BANG BANG: Is there any place on your body you wouldn’t tattoo?

CARA DELEVINGNE: Um… probably not my face. I’ve already done my ears [she and I have matching diamonds], so anywhere . . . Hmm. Probably my face. I probably wouldn’t do that. Or my vagina… probably..

BB: Why did you want a “bacon” tattoo?

CD: It’s not just that I love bacon so much; I feel like something about bacon reflects my personality. It’s salty and it’s bad for you and it’s delicious. I just love it so f—ing much, that’s why.

BB: What do the four white dots on your ribs mean?

CD: Each dot represents a member of my family.

BB: If you were to tattoo me again, what would you draw?

CD: A penis.

BB: A penis! Why?!

CD: A penis is just the first thing that came to my mind. Nah, I would draw bacon on you.

BB: How did it feel when you tattooed me?

CD: It was so scary at first. It was terrifying, but then I actually liked it.

BB: What’s your next tattoo and where are we going to put it?

CD: I want to do something on my legs. Maybe behind my knee, kind of on the back of my calf. I want a nice symmetrical shape, I don’t know exactly what though.

BB: How do you feel when you see girls who’ve copied your lion tattoo?

CD: At first, I’m like, “Aw s—, that’s annoying.” It’s a weird feeling. But I guess imitation is the best form of flattery, in a way. But it’s sad because it’s for life and it’s quite important to me. I can’t fault people for getting something beautiful on their body. So in that way it’s cool, but at the same time, I hate it.

BB: Which is your favorite tattoo?

CD: God, each one has such a strong memory with me. I love the diamond because we both have it. And “Don’t worry, be happy” was a big one for me because it’s my largest and I see it the most often. Obviously my lion gets complimented the most, for sure. “Made in England” is also… Oh, I don’t know. I don’t have a favorite. They’re all special.

BB: Have you ever gotten crap from modeling clients?

CD: No. Never. Just from acting jobs, because I have to go in three hours early to have them covered up.

BB: If you could convince Karl Lagerfeld to get a tattoo, what would it be?

CD: His cat, Choupette. Or the Chanel “C” on his butt.

BB: What about Anna Wintour?

CD: I would have her get a phoenix on her vagina.