By Christopher Rosen
November 10, 2015 at 03:13 PM EST

Noted Star Wars fan Stephen Colbert used a portion of Monday’s The Late Show to break down the Japanese trailer for The Force Awakens, and also clarify something for Star Wars creator George Lucas.

As Colbert recalled, back when he was host of The Colbert Report, Lucas appeared as a guest and the pair had a lightsaber battle on the show. But one problem was never rectified. “Before Lucas’ appearance on my old show, his people at Industrial Light and Magic warned me that George does not call them lightsabers, he calls them ‘laser swords,'” Colbert told the audience on Monday. “So during the commercial break, I turned to George and I said, ‘Would you like to have a laser sword fight?’ He said, ‘Sure.’ So I’m feeling pretty good about myself until the second before we came back on the air. George leans in and goes, ‘You should know most people call them lightsabers.'”

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According to Colbert, he spent the rest of the segment antsy to explain his remark: “For the next five minutes, I’m just sitting there waiting for the cameras to go off so I could say, ‘I know they’re called lightsabers. I was just calling them laser swords, because that’s what you called them in your first draft of the original script when it was called The Adventures of the Starkiller: Episode I – The Star Wars. Because I’m your biggest fan, please take me back to Tatooine with you.'”

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