Credit: Terry Wyatt/Getty Images

The coal miner’s daughter is back. Iconic country star Loretta Lynn today announced her first new album in 10 years, Full Circle, to be released March 4, 2016. The album will consist both of new material (including duets with Willie Nelson and Elvis Costello) and reimaginings of old Lynn standards like “Fist City.” In fact, it kicks off with a new version of “Whispering Sea,” the first song Lynn ever wrote.

The same day as Full Circle‘s release will also feature the premiere of a new PBS documentary about Lynn’s life, American Masters – Loretta Lynn: Still a Mountain Girl. According to a press release, the documentary will cover Lynn’s 50-year struggle to balance fame and music.

Check out the full track list for Full Circle below.

1. Whispering Sea (Introduction)

2. Whispering Sea

3. Secret Love

4. Who’s Gonna Miss Me?

5. Black Jack David

6. Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven

7. Always On My Mind

8. Wine Into Water

9. In The Pines

10. Band Of Gold

11. Fist City

12. I Never Will Marry

13. Everything It Takes (featuring Elvis Costello)

14. Lay Me Down (featuring Willie Nelson)