By Christopher Rosen
Updated November 10, 2015 at 04:54 PM EST
Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Bryan Cranston thinks Donald Trump is “fascinating,” but don’t consider that an endorsement.

“What a man. The things he says,” Cranston said about the Republican presidential hopeful in a new interview with Playboy, before impersonating the controversial candidate. “‘I love women. Look at my wife. She’s hot. She’s super hot. And I imagine some Mexican women are pretty too. Some of them. When they’re not being criminals.’ It’s just insane!”

As Cranston explained, the importance Trump places on being wealthy strikes the former Breaking Bad star as odd. “Why would he do that?” Cranston said. “Why would he tell the world how much money he has? What is he lacking? It’s so obvious that underneath that veneer of protection there’s a volcano of complicated emotions.”

This isn’t the first time Cranston has spoken about Trump this year. Back in August, he told Chris Hardwick on the Nerdist podcast that Trump’s “candor” was impressive.

“There’s something so refreshing about shaking up that world that is all about being handled,” Cranston said of Trump. “And here comes this loose cannon who has terrible ideas and would be a horrible president, but there’s something great about his I-don’t-give-a-sh– attitude that really kind of keeps others honest. I think it’s a surprise benefit to the country, actually.”

Cranston’s mannered take on politics goes for people beyond Trump as well. Speaking to The Daily Beast this month, the Trumbo actor decried the “polemic nature of politics” and spoke out against trying to “demonize” Fox News.

“I honestly believe that what they’re saying they believe in, and for that I can’t fault them,” he said of the network. “I disagree, but I hope they can say the same about me — that I’m truly fighting for what I think are in the best interests of the country — because I think they are, too.”