By Christopher Rosen
Updated November 10, 2015 at 09:04 PM EST
Taylor Hill/Getty Images

Since a mass shooting during a screening of Trainwreck this summer left two women dead and nine others injured, Amy Schumer has become an outspoken advocate for gun control. And at the Glamour Women of the Year awards on Monday night, Schumer clarified her position further.

“I just want to use this opportunity to say what I’ve been fighting for. […] If you’ve been convicted of domestic violence or if you’re severely mentally ill, I don’t think you should be able to get a gun,” Schumer, who served as host of the event, said. She then repeated the phrase and added, “That seems pretty simple, right? But the reaction I’ve gotten from that is I say that and people hear, ‘She wants to take our guns!'”Watch this on The Scene.

Back in August, Schumer and her cousin, New York senator Chuck Schumer, held a joint press conference to push for gun control.

“I’m not sure why this man chose my movie to end those two lives and injure nine others, but it was very personal for me,” the Trainwreck star said. “We always find out how the shooter got their gun and it’s always something that never should have happened in the first place.”

In October, the Schumers held another press conference where they called for new gun control legislation, including stronger background checks that stopped domestic abusers from being able to purchase guns.