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South Park is taking on police violence. The show’s recent mocking of political correctness will continue this week by showing what happens when the Colorado mountain town decides they no longer need the police.

In the episode airing Wednesday, “the ever-more PC citizens of South Park decide that they no longer need a police force,” Comedy Central says in a release. “As the first American town to get rid of their cops, they plan to celebrate their advanced sensibilities with a PC Carnival.”

In the preview clip below, an officer is accused of “imposing [his] authority on the underprivileged.” The officer replies that “not all cops are racist, trigger-happy assholes.” Then Randy Marsh marvels, “We’ve already had a Whole Foods for a month and already we don’t need cops.”

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Considering the show’s predilection for skewering celebrities and producing episodes at the very last minute, it’s a safe bet that Quentin Tarantino could be at least referenced in the episode, given the director’s recent media battle with police organizations after he joined a march against police violence in New York last month.

South Park has had an usually serialized 19th season, skewering various aspects of political correctness and gentrification. EW’s Darren Franich recently declared, in a deep-dive review that received heavy online interest, that this marks the long-running animated comedy’s best season in a decade.

In another story line from the episode, Kenny leads the boys in playing “Ninja Warriors” while “a foreign terrorist organization takes notice.”

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